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iOS Application Security Part Two – Gathering Information Of an iOS App- aka. Recon

Welcome to my second article on “iOS Application Security Testing Series”. You can find Part 1 here. Imagine a scenario where you, as an iOS Application Security Tester, are tasked with auditing an application to identify vulnerabilities. By itself, the task may not seem too daunting until you learn of a… Read more »

iOS Application Security Part 1 – Setting Up a Testing Environment for iOS Platform

Welcome to my article on “iOS Application Security Testing Series” In this series, I will provide information on iOS Application Security testing, starting from the Setting Up a Testing Environment for iOS Platform, all the way to Testing Data Storage, Cryptography, Authentication, Network Communication, and Reverse Engineering. In this part,… Read more »

Assert, Precondition and Fatal Error in Swift

Sometimes it’s better to crash then to have your app running in an inconsistent state. In this short article we’ll cover the options you have for crashing and what are the main differences between them. There’s only five, with some subtle differences. Let’s dive in. Five Ways to Fail You… Read more »