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Using Dependency Injection

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In this post, we’ll cover one very useful technique called dependency injection and we’ll look at some examples on to use it in your iOS project. What is it? Dependency Injection is a technique where you would inject dependencies into an object. Let’s say you’re building an app that will display… Read more »

Map Clustering with QuadTrees using GoogleMaps

In this article I’ll explain how to use map clustering with quad trees using GoogleMaps for iOS. This was done back in December 2015 as back then Google did not have map clustering available for iOS. Since then Google have implemented map clustering using the algorithm described. This was a… Read more »

Creating a Simple Keychain Wrapper

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In this short blog post, we’ll cover some basics on how to use the keychain on iOS, and we’ll create a simple wrapper for the keychain. You’ve probably heard of an iOS keychain. If not, it’s a secure persistent storage, meant to be used to store sensitive information, like passwords,… Read more »

Sending Data From Your App to Apple Watch Using WCSession

In one of my previous posts, I talked about how to create a temperature sensor using an Arduino and a BLE breakout circuit, and how to read that data from your iOS app. You can read more about it here: Creating a Temperature Sensor for iOS Using BLE and Arduino. In… Read more »

Creating a Temperature Sensor for iOS Using BLE and Arduino

Today we’ll create something cool, a temperature sensor and an iOS app that connects to it. For this project, we’ll be using an Arduino with a BLE breakout circuit. On the iOS side, we’ll be using CoreBluetooth. Don’t worry if some of these things are unfamiliar to you, I’ll try to… Read more »

iBeacon and Background Service

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Using iBeacon is pretty straight forward, what I wanted to do is use the service in the background, and send a request to the server every time a user enters/exits a region. I’ll explain how I did it in this small tutorial. iBeacon iBeacon is a location technology developed by Apple…. Read more »