Memory Management in Swift: The Strong, The Weak and The Unowned

If you started your iOS development career in Objective-C, especially pre ARC Objective-C, you’re probably very familiar with the above-mentioned concepts. If you started with Swift, some of them might be a bit murky, hopefully, by the end of this post, you’ll get to know them a bit better. A… Read more »

Unit tests: What, why, where and when?

Working on big projects with big code base composed mainly of “legacy code“, developer’s biggest fear is to introduce something new that might actually break something old. This fear freezes the project with some pieces of code that remain like engraved in stone because nobody wants to touch them. The… Read more »

Continuous Integration: Travis CI

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Travis is a cloud-based continuous integration server that works really well. It’s quite well-known in the open source community because it’s free for open source projects and it integrates perfectly with GitHub. In this short post, I’ll go over how to set up Travis for your open source project. I’ll… Read more »