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Dejan Agostini

Squad Lead and Senior iOS developer

I always loved technology and everything related to it, astronomy, science and sci-fi… It’s hard to explain, it just gets me all excited, I consider myself very fortunate to be doing something I really love to do.

I started my career as an iOS developer back in 2011, I never dreamed of being a mobile developer. I didn’t even own a mobile device. I was so amazed at the things I could do with a simple phone that I fell in love with mobile.

I’ve learned so much working in NTH. This was a fast paced company where we never knew what the next project would bring. We worked with some big shots, like Toyota and BOSCH, I’ve worked on those projects and I always love to remember them because I’ve worked with some great people, and we managed to create something that’s used by tens of thousands of users. After a couple of years, I got promoted to a team lead position. I really liked my new team and enjoyed working with them.

After a quick excursion in Java, I got an interesting offer from Fleetmatics. It seemed like a good challenge, so I’ve decided to accept it. And here we are. I’ve been here since 2014, and I have to say, this is not a company for me, it’s a family. One of the biggest challenges for me was refactoring the Reveal app and moving it to hybrid Swift/ObjC. In the meantime, we’ve delivered a greenfield app called Field, and now I’m working on another greenfield app called Logbook.

I’ve learned a lot about refactoring and backend iOS development in Fleetmatics, and I found I liked it. Lately, I started working on this blog that focuses on this topic, I’ve also created a Mac OS X app iOS AdHoc Manager, feel free to take a look at it as well.

Mobile: +353851054282
Email: dejan.agostini@gmail.com

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Masters degree in Information Systems – Faculty of Organisation and Informatics, Varazdin, Croatia

Professional Experience:

  • Squad Lead and Senior iOS Developer – Fleetmatics, Dublin, Ireland ▪ January 2017 – Present
    • After a bit over 2.5 years, I got promoted to a squad lead. Now I lead a team of people (developers, QA, designers). We’re working together on a challenging project.
  • Senior iOS Developer – Fleetmatics, Dublin, Ireland ▪ April 2014 – December 2016
    • A great new opportunity arose for me, and I decided to pursue an international career. I moved to Dublin and started working on a flagship app in Fleetmatics. My greatest challenge here was refactoring an app that had a codebase of over 160k lines. I have to say, I enjoyed it a lot.
  • Java/JavaEE Software Developer – Worx-Inc, Osijek, Croatia ▪ November 2013 – March – 2014
    • Next 6 months I’ve spent in Worx. A new team was formed and we worked on a document management solution that was to be integrated into their existing product.
  • Senior iOS Developer and Team Lead – NTH A.G., Osijek, Croatia ▪ April 2013 – November 2013
    • After 2 years I got promoted to a team lead position. I was leading a team of 5 iOS developers. My new responsibilities included mentoring less experienced developers, and coordinating the work of my team. During this time I’ve spent a lot of time working on apps for Toyota.
  • iOS Developer –NTH A.G., Osijek, Croatia ▪ April 2011 – March 2013
    • This is a consultancy company that has a large mobile department. I started my career in this company. I had a mentor for the first couple of months, who I learned a lot from. I worked on many different projects, in large teams, working with a wide variety of technologies. It was very fast paced, and a lot of fun.

Some of the apps I worked on: