Logging framework: CocoaLumberjack

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We all know how useful a simple print statement can be while you’re developing an app. In this quick article we’ll quickly go over a logging framework that takes your print statements to the next level. We’ll be talking about CocoaLumberjack. A Bit of Info You use print statements in… Read more »

iOS Application Security Part Three – Bypassing (Jailbreak and Certificate Pinning) Let the Right One In.

Welcome to my third article on “iOS Application Security Testing Series”. You can find Part Two here. In this article, we will look at applications that use Jailbreak Detection and Certificate Pinning as defenses – and how they can be bypassed. Is it a good idea to block execution on jailbroken… Read more »

Design Patterns in Swift: Observer

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Continuing on our journey with design patterns, this week we’ll visit the observer pattern. This is a really simple pattern to implement. We’ll quickly go through some theory and get down to business. Hopefully, by the end of the article, you’ll be using the pattern in your projects. The Observer… Read more »

iOS Application Security Part Two – Gathering Information Of an iOS App- aka. Recon

Welcome to my second article on “iOS Application Security Testing Series”. You can find Part 1 here. Imagine a scenario where you, as an iOS Application Security Tester, are tasked with auditing an application to identify vulnerabilities. By itself, the task may not seem too daunting until you learn of a… Read more »

Swift Sorting Algorithm

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Early this year Dejan wrote an amazing article about sorting algorithms. In this article he was comparing common sorting algorithms with the swift sorting algorithm. What we could observe from his conclusion is that swift sorting algorithm is a lot faster than any other concurrent. Now that swift is open… Read more »